Steve GarguiloI love working with amazing people to solve complex, high impact problems.

My wide range of interests includes history, cultural anthropology, social and economic development, emerging markets, technology advancements and applications, and designing and implementing solutions that meet real needs.

I have lived in three different countries, and have focused primarily on co-creation with emerging economies and the developing world. My teams have worked to design creative technology solutions in South Africa, Kenya, Nigeria, Morocco, Hungary, Romania, Slovenia, Argentina, India, China, Indonesia, and the Philippines. I have also traveled extensively:

Steve's Travel Map

Steve’s Travel Map

My current focus is on driving growth by improving organizational culture and employee engagement using the power of TEDTalks. After establishing TEDxPSU at Penn State University, I have now built a team that is pioneering the first global TEDx program of its kind at Johnson & Johnson. We are bringing associates together across functions, sectors, regions, and levels to share ideas in a very powerful, genuine way.

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